Pharmaceutical Education and Research
  • School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    The School is a centre of excellence in Pharmaceutical Education and Research. Pharmacy is an integral part of Healthcare System. It prepares the students as a pharmacist who can take global challenges with ease.



    The School offers 4 years Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy & 5 Years B.Pharm+MBA Dual Degree Phrogramme. At Master’s Level the programmes offered are M.Pharm in disciplines of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Quality Assurance, Drug Regulatory Affairs & Pharmaceutical Management and Pharmaceutical Analysis. The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has experienced faculty members and is equipped with remedial programmes to improve to language skills and academic performance of students so that they can become through professionals to face the Global challenges, besides being self sufficient in their fields.


    The School has been approved by AICTE and all the programmes have been certified by Pharmaceutical Council of Indian (PCI).


    Areas of Specialization:

    The school provides Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Quality Assurance, Drug Regulatory Affairs & Pharmaceutical Management and Pharmaceutical Analysis as the fields of study and research.


    Cutting Edge Laboratories

    The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has state-of-the-art laboratories, equipped with modern instruments, giving added advantage in day to day practical and research.

    Separate laboratories are available for each specialization. The School has excellent central instrumentation facility. Separate Computer labs and Wi-Fi-facility are also available to the students and faculty members.


    Research Mileage

    ·      The School has received Financial assistance from AICTE for the modernization in the MODEROBS scheme & to establish industry institute partnership cell.

    ·      The students of M.Pharm have ample opportunities to continue their research by enrolling in the Ph.D. programme of the University. They can also continue their research projects with the support of reputed pharmaceutical Industries and Laboratories of national repute.

    ·      Research Scientists are invited on a regular basis for direct interaction with the students to inform them of the opportunities in the field.

    ·      The faculty members are actively engaged in publishing Research Articles in journals of National & International repute.


    Industrial Tours, Training and Projects

    ·      Seminars are a regular part of the curriculum.

    Recently some seminars were conducted on:

    ·      Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Education

    ·      Modern concepts of research in Pharma Industries

    ·      Molecular Modeling

    ·      New Drug Development

    ·      Career counseling for pharmacy students

    ·      The students visit and undertake practical training in various reputed Pharmaceutical companies to learn latest techniques values & ethics of pharmaceutical processing & manufacturing professes.


    Career Prospects

    ·      Pharmacy graduates can work as community of hospital pharmacists.

    ·      After registering with the State Pharmacy Council, can set up and run his/her own pharmacy shop to stock and sell medicines and dispense them according to doctor’s prescriptions.

    ·      Can work in private, public and govt. sector organizations for research and development, quality assurance, marketing, sales and management.

    ·      M.Pharm or Ph.D. holders can contribute in research and development work to develop new useful drugs and production work in pharmaceutical industry and analyzing drug purity and strength.

    ·      May also take up teaching as a career in pharmacy colleges and university departments.

    ·      Employment opportunities food and cosmetic industries.

    ·      As drug inspector or government analyst so ensure the quality and manufacturing standard of drug sold in the market.

  • Prof. Birendra Shrivastava


    Dr. Birendra Shrivastava holds a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (Ranchi), and Ph.D. from Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur. His specializations are: Phytochemistry and Pharmaceutical analysis. He has been teaching pharmacy for nearly two decades. His expertise in Pharmaceutical Sciences has been highly appreciated by his colleagues and students.

    Dr. Shrivastava has published several research papers in journals of repute and he has authored three books. Under his guidance, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has made great strides in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

    School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    S.NO Name Qualifications Designation Specialization No. of Years of Experience
    1 Dr. Birendra Shrivastava M.Pharm, Ph.D Professor & Director Pharma.Chemistry 23
    2 Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma M.Pharm, Ph.D Associate Professor (Sr. Grade) Pharma.Chemistry 17
    3 Dr. Jaya Sharma M.Pharm, Ph.D Associate Professor Pharmacognosy 17
    4 Dr. Ranjan Bairwa M.Pharm, PGPDRA, Ph.D Associate Professor Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry 8
    5 Dr. Ganesh N. Sharma M.Pharm, Ph.D Associate Professor Pharmacology 7
    6 Dr. Ajay Kumar Tiwari M.Pharm, Ph.D Associate Professor Industrial Pharmacy 7
    7 Mr. Ravi Dahiya M.Pharm, MBA, Ph.D(P) Assistant Professor Pharm. Quality Assurance 9
    8 Ms. Renu Kalyanwat M.Pharm, Ph.D(P) Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics 4
    9 Mr. Manish Yadav M.Pharm, Ph.D(P) Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics 3
    10 Mr. Ankit Mittal M.Pharm Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics 1
    11 Ms. Navita Bishnoi M.Pharm Assistant Professor Pharmacognosy 1
    12 Mr. Tamal Maity M.Pharm Assistant Professor Pharmacognosy 1
    13 Ms. Preeti Khulbe M.Pharm Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics 4
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